It’s that time of year…

For the next two weeks OniriaSounds will be exclusively listening to dublab !!!

dublab fall 2012

The guys at dublab are currently holding their biannual Proton Drive to raise part of the money needed to run their operation in the six coming months… However much you are willing to donate, they’re always ready to give back more in the shape of music and musical gifts…You can donate money directly using PayPal in exchange of gifts or you can purchase one of the Flash Packs available… in any case, if you’re in the US it’s tax deductible, they’re a registered charity!

Dublab has become such a hub of talent over the years, amassing such cultural wealth with their music and video archive that its gravitational pull must surely be reaching stellar proportions. They definitely shine their own light.

Dublab blows our minds here at OniriaSounds and we’re sure they’ll blow yours too!

Two whole weeks, each day with 12 hours live programming, showcasing music across the genres and eras, with the best DJs and live performers. A vast musical family coming together to celebrate a positive driven lifestyle!

A perfect way to discover or revisit the best music from across the globe. At the time of writing, Greg Belson is paying homage with an All David Axelrod set! Excellent!

Having celebrated their 13th birthday only recently, we wish them all the best for this drive.

Here’s to many years to come!

OniriaSounds has already donated, have you?

Discover dublab, you won’t regret it!

And you can listen to the dubstream anywhere using their own free iOS app! What are you waiting for?

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