The online chatterbox in the family, closeted musician, soundscaper freak. Certain attention deficit prevents him from creating long, structured compositions and so i.r.tamplin aka jai_ has turned to devising short structures to be used in what he likes to call building block ‘improv’. He is currently involved in two such projects: K|P|T (audiovisual tryptich improv with Greg Kazaroff (Raras Músicas, Visual Sonora, MusicaLibre) and Prack! VJ (, WeMapp)) and PPPT (melodic soundscaping with guitarrists Carlos Ruiz and Pepe Prieto (Günter)).

vino de nuevo

With some mathematical and classical music training, and a clear inability to create beats, his work hits the trail between rhythmic melody and sound, numerical structure and free form. Despite developing a long-forgotten stochastic composition programme as part of his training, his mathematical background hasn’t really led to an interest in the possibilities of programming and computation for his music, though he doesn’t discard it in the future.

During 2012, jai_ became involved in the Disquiet Junto, started by Marc Weidenbaum of, a weekly workshop exploring constraints to stoke creativity. 7 tracks were contributed during the year, exploring different aspects of music and sound as well as their interaction with other art forms or physics and numbers.

i.r.tamplin has a saner twin, h.w.tamplin who turns up once in a while to create more musically inclined pieces for theatre productions. Like good twins, they both feed off each other’s ideas and concepts.

All of them were unknowingly born into OniriaSounds.


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