Olaf plays music, other people’s music. A true believer of magic in sound.


Curator of The Eclectic City Chill at Café La Palma (Madrid, Spain) (2003-2005), boasting the talents of Doctor K. (Buenos Aires), Prack! DJ (Buenos Aires) and Amit K (London) as well as his own, collectively known as Elegante Sport DJs. A different understanding of Sundays as a way to soothingly recover from weekend excesses, slowly returning to the normality of real life looming ahead. A way to reclaim music, sound and silence in a blend of genres and eras at a time when faceless continuous house music pervaded every sound space in the city. The collective would also make occasional appearances at other spots around the city like Kappa, Oui, Bar Zé or Siroco Club.

Olaf then went into hiding, continuing the production of limited runs of the XWas series, annual sets released at the start of every new year, making public appearances only at private events (ironic, right?)

This gave way to the Oniria series, which aimed to make the listener travel through music, tell a story in sound.

As @glasstowerjai_ (or gth), he now presents Raumbereitende Musik as part of OniriaSounds.


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