bereiden (transitive verb): prepare, get (sth) ready
raum (noun): room, space

As we try to make sense of things, we place them in piles on the surface of our brain. With increasing categorisation and alienation, ridges appear on the surface, crevices like valleys between mountains. A place where rivers flow.

This is the space where the winds of interstitial music blow, interconnecting sites and breaking down our self-imposed cognitions of sound. Music that tells us stories of warmth in the chaos, order as a breath of fresh air, a blend of apparent opposites on a similar wavelength, a whiff of the old to create something new, the currency of the ‘now’ to bring perspective to the ‘then’. Songs as islands in a sea of sound. Stories that bring us back to the space and time we inhabit, freeing us from the place we’re in.

Music to temper rooms.


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